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Earlier in his career, Alan Appelbaum was a history teacher. Later in life, he entered the bond market. He is a bond market veteran, having worked there for 48 years.

He’s retired now yet still gives his time to help others. He takes great satisfaction in maintaining long-term relationships with some of his clients, some of whom he has served for four decades or more.

Simple Origins

Alan Appelbaum takes great pride in his working-class roots. His childhood was spent in Bayonne, New Jersey. A working-class community next to Newark Bay. This community couldn’t be more different than Wall Street. The country is well-known for its exports, oil processing, and yacht construction.

At the beginning of his professional life, he worked as a history teacher in New Jersey. Back in 1973, he made his debut in the bond market. Surprisingly, he had no idea at the time what he was getting himself into.

Appelbaum recalled his early career, saying, “A friend of mine thought I would appreciate working in the bond market, and all I knew of were bail bondsmen.” Honestly, I thought I would be the one bailing out criminals.

He spent nearly a decade working in the industry, where he absorbed every conceivable nugget of knowledge. He established A.F. Best Securities Inc. in 1982 in Coral Springs, Florida.

The business was sold to Gruntal & Co., LLC after he left. Appelbaum served as president of the newly formed Gruntal Division, which retained the company’s former name. Up until 1999, he was an employee of the firm.

CEO/President, H.J. Sims & Co.

In 2002, Alan Appelbaum was named president of H.J. Sims & Co. In 1935, the business had its start. They have a headquarters there now in the state of Connecticut. It’s safe to say that H.J. Sims has earned his reputation as worthy of admiration. Their client-focused investment strategy has made them a solid reputation.

The origin of the business is unexpected. Herbert J. Sims started it during the Great Depression. He first worked out of a modest office. Then, his mother gave him the money he needed to launch his company.

With little more than honesty and word of mouth, he grew the company into a success. Appelbaum stayed true to the company’s values because he could relate to the struggles Mr Sims overcame and the success the company has achieved. He steered the business till 2007 without a hitch.

Partner in Charge at Aegis Capital

In 2015, Appelbaum became Aegis Capital’s managing partner. When it came to municipal bonds, he was the man in charge.

Aegis Capital is a financial services firm with its headquarters in the Big Apple that has been in business since 1984. They work closely with their customers to develop individualized investment strategies.

Over the years, the firm has handled capital markets transactions totalling over $50 billion. Wealth management, investment banking, equities research, retirement planning, and private equity are just a few services they provide.

Between 2015 and 2021, before his retirement, Appelbaum was instrumental in the expansion of the company.

Volunteer Service

Appelbaum has done a lot of volunteer work for good causes. He has a solid conviction to give back to the community as a result of his own experiences.

The A.F. Best Foundation for Securities Studies

The A.F. Best Securities Foundation donates to organizations working to improve the health and well-being of children. They hope that by contributing to cancer research, they can help find a cure for childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.

The annual golf tournament hosted by the A.F. Best Securities Foundation is a significant source of funding for the organization. Evening meals are served.

Volunteering by Kids

Appelbaum is driven by a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of youngsters. Through the A.F. Best Securities Foundation, he has donated more than $4 million to organizations that benefit young people.

Appelbaum has a lab at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. All because of the money he donated to the medical centre.

He also served on the Children’s Hospital at Duke’s Advisory Board.


Appelbaum has recently joined Maccabi USA’s board of directors. The company seeks to strengthen and elevate Jewish identity using athletics as a platform.

They care deeply about people of various ages and physical conditions. They want to ensure the survival of the Jewish people, the state of Israel, and Zionism. Participation in sports, classes, and other cultural activities, help strengthen neighbourhoods.

Appelbaum competed for and won gold with the Maccabi Golf Team at the Maccabiah Games. The Jewish Olympics is another name for it.

Maccabi USA celebrated its “Legends of Maccabi” with a Gala brunch in Boca Raton. During the festivities, Alan Appelbaum was honoured for his contributions.

Alan and Kerry Appelbaum went to the Palm Beach Tournament, which was in its 22nd year. Later, in Israel, Appelbaum competed for Team USA at the 20th World Maccabiah Games.

The Works of Alan Appelbaum

For almost 40 years, Appelbaum has served the municipal bond industry. He has developed strong bonds with customers over this period. In addition, he has donated heavily to various organizations that help kids. He not only donates money but also gives his time to Maccabi.

His interests also include Jewish tradition and community development through golf.


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